प्रधान मुख्य आयकर आयुक्त /Principal Chief Commissioner Of Income Tax
पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्र गुवाहाटी /North East Region Guwahati


List of all Tenders

Public Auction Notices

  1. Open Tender Notice for the construction of office space_13-06-2024
  2. Invitation to Special Public Prosecutors_17-04-2024
  3. Corrigendum for Tender published on_02-02-2024
  4. Tender for hiring of office premesis for Income Tax Department at Aizawl_12-02-24
  5. Inviting Notice Quotation, Corrigendum dated 09-02-2024
  6. Tender for supply installing testing and commissioning of two No(s) silent type DG sets at Guwahati_01-02-2024
  7. Tender for hiring of office premise for Income Tax Department at Guwahati_August 2023
  8.  Tender for water supply 01-08-2023
  9. Tender for hiring of office premises_31-07-2023
  10. Tender on EOI for Preparation for Design and drawing_July 2023
  11. Tender for Water Supply at Aayakar Bhawan_June 2023
  12. Tender for EOI ~ Construction of Auditorium_June 2023
  13. Tender for Boundary Wall_20-06-2023
  14. Tender_office_accomodation_Aizawl_06-06-23
  15. Tender for help center Kohima_06-06-23
  16. Tender for Unskilled Workers_03-05-2023
  17. Tender for Skilled Workers_03-05-2023
  18. Quotation for Unskilled Workers at IT office, Jorhat
  19. Quotation for Highly Skilled Worker
  20. Tender for Kitchen  Guwahati_16-02-2023
  21. Tender for Bathroom Toilets Guwahati_ 16-02-2023
  22. Tender for AMC of DG SET_29-12-2022
  23. Tender for refilling of fire extinguisher cylinders_October 2022
  24. Tender Fire Fighting Equipment 30-09-2022
  25. Tender Notice for canteen Guwahati 15-09-2022
  26. Tender notice for Refill of Fire Extinguishers_September 2022